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    I am reading One Wheel - Many Spokes by Lars Clausen and in light of
    this, Patrick Thomas' in progress ride across the US, and talk of other
    tours that have taken place and are planned, I'm experiencing an
    interesting psychological phenomenon.

    Rides like the Minnesota ride of a few years ago or that guy who rode
    across Oklahoma just don't seem that impressive. I have never ridden
    more than 5 miles without a dismount or more than 20 miles in a day, yet
    I just have the feeling that riding the length of New Jersey wouldn't be
    that taxing.

    In the course of 4 or 5 pages Lars goes from South Dakota to North
    Dakota and then into Minnesota. How hard could it possibly be to shoot
    down to Maryland from the NYC vicinity?

    I feel positively impervious to saddle soreness, fatigue, achy knees,
    and the like.

    Now where did I put that Twinkie?

    Raphael Lasar
    Matawan, NJ

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    Good handlebars make a big difference in saddle comfort. Just as a road
    bicyclist has approximately 40% of their weight on the handlebars, the
    more we can get off our crotches the better for us as well. Even better
    than for the bicyclists, as we pedal faster and we generate more crotch

    Ultramarathon riders like Lars and Wally Watts are truly inspirational.
    Their legs get to be like tree trunks, and they can go all day. But
    Unicycle Across Minnesota was amazing in its own right. When have that
    many people all done such a long unicycle ride together? To do it with
    such a big group is very significant in itself.

    We learned much from that group. We learned that a big group *can* do a
    long ride together, and we learned what kinds of pitfalls and problems
    they would encounter.

    Yes, you should cruise up to NYC sometime. Don't forget to train up
    first though....

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    johnfoss wrote:
    > *
    > Yes, you should cruise up to NYC sometime. Don't forget to train up
    > first though.... *

    Yea, take the train and a dozen dunkin donuts.:D

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    JJuggle wrote:
    > *I feel positively impervious to saddle soreness... Now where did I
    > leave that other Twinkie?
    > *

    If you inspect your saddle, you'll probably find that all the cream has
    oozed out of that "other" Twinkie that you used for saddle padding. Air
    tubes may be less comfortable, but they last longer.

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