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>> "Tah, tah, daaaahling, we're off..."
>> by H. Millard
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>> Illegal immigration has now turned the U.S. into a lawless nation. It
>> has become a place of wink and nod, just like Mexico. Those who
>> benefit from having a large population of illegal aliens in this
>> country are often the moral pals of George Bush or at least share the
>> same type of country clubs and lifestyle. They are trying to swamp
>> this nation with a permanent vassal-like underclass that benefits the
>> rich, but which harms ordinary American citizens.
>> Bush is so out of touch that when he says that illegal aliens will do
>> jobs Americans won't do, he probably believes it. But, most of us know
>> that the Americans Bush is talking about are his fellow elites. We
>> also know that illegal aliens who do not play by the rules will do
>> jobs at low wages in order to undercut American citizens who do play
>> by the rules.
>> It seems to be a common misperception among silver spoon dandies that
>> American citizens are lazy and don't like to work because they,
>> themselves, are lazy and don't like to work. They think their personal
>> dislike for physical labor is the norm and that most other Americans
>> also look down their noses at such labor. They think that all American
>> men get their hair styled and their nails manicured just as they do.
>> They don't get it. They are not of the people and they are not from
>> the people. The fact of their pampered lives gives voice to the
>> reality that despite protestations to the contrary from their neo-con
>> radio and TV talk show shills, we have classes in this nation. And
>> right now, the three major classes are the elite upper class, the
>> middle class citizens, and the illegal aliens.
>> And, the elite upper class to which Bush and his fou fou pals belong
>> looks with contempt at the middle class to which most ordinary
>> Americans belong. This should be clear to anyone who has taken a hard
>> look at what Bush is doing to this nation. He and his pals are
>> leapfrogging right over the middle class and praising the illegal
>> alien class as the "backbone of America." You know you've heard Bush
>> and the elites say this.
>> Where we find ourselves now in this nation's history is at a place
>> where the elites such as Bush have created a self-perpetuating
>> symbiosis that benefits illegal aliens and the elites. This symbiosis
>> -- this machine of ultimate destruction of America -- is dependent on
>> a constant and renewable underclass. Illegal aliens fill the bill.
>> They are the major cog in the machine of destruction. Remove them, and
>> America starts on the road to becoming great once again as we start
>> taking care of our own -- as we once again understand that citizens
>> always must come first and that illegal aliens are not citizens and
>> should not be treated like citizens.
>> When you look at this symbiosis on a local level, you'll see many non-
>> profits run by Bush's fellow elites who are making top salaries off
>> their "compassion." And, they can keep making the big bucks so long as
>> they keep finding more people who are willing to take the free
>> services (which you and I pay for). Illegal aliens fill the bill.
>> You'll also see industrialists and big business making astounding
>> profits because the labor part of their outlay is kept low by using
>> cheap, often "off the books," labor. Illegal aliens fill the bill.
>> Then you'll find the slumlords who can charge top rents for ratty
>> apartments because their tenants will stuff themselves in like
>> sardines and never complain. Illegal aliens fill the bill.
>> You'll see school districts that are paid per warm body at a student
>> desk. Illegal aliens fill the bill.
>> Who gets the short end of the stick in this symbiosis? The good,
>> decent citizens of this nation who see their quality of life falling
>> and their nation fragmenting.
>> And, as far as Bush and his fellow elites go -- aren't they also hurt
>> by the destruction of America? Don't be foolish. "Tah, tah,
>> daaaahling, we're off in our private jets to our villas in Mexico or
>> France or some other nation. Too bad you middle class saps are stuck
>> there in the ruins of America and must hide in your homes because
>> illegal alien criminals have taken over the country."

> A fine article to email to your friends..
> ted

The terror is here and more are coming. Neighborhood after neighborhood,
town after town are being destroyed. Bush's failure to enforce border
is simply criminal.