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    Well for curbs if you are doing it static (not moving) then its easier
    sideways, if its a rolling hop you do it more head on.

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  2. Jerrick

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    When im jumping up a curb, i usualy go almost straight on at it, but i
    ususally go more angled so i can get the right pedal position for

    Static hopping i find it easier to do it sideways, but i can jump
    fowards too =p

    Ummm, for stalls, i learned to do crank grabs first, then pedal grabs,
    most of the stuff i do with the seat under me, and then you really
    gotta lean into the object when you jump onto it, but if you do too
    much leaning your just gonna topple over.

    For higher objects, SIF hopping is your best friend =p being able to
    tuck the unicycle up towards your chest really adds the extra jumping
    height you need.


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