Re: Keith Iovine


Miss Anne Thrope

Keith Lovine = runner?

Sheesh, of all the shitty labels to put on people...
My name is Lisa. I was the GF of Keith Iovine before he moved to CA to be with the Santa Monica Track Team and after that. Approximately 2 years. We were very much in love. Keith and I met when he was training at La. Tech. His mother, Beverly, knew me and loved me. She said "Keith, if you don't marry this one, you're a damn fool." I met all of his sisters, albeit briefly. I was deeply saddened to hear of his passing a couple of years after his death. Despite my best attempts, I was unable to reach his mother. FB PM's were unanswered by his sisters. I'm not a runner, but my sister, Kimberly P. Bamburg is one. She saw him fall down during the Olympic Trials in NOLA. The turkey would probably have won if he had stayed in N.O, but NO. He had to go be with Carl Lewis, who he deeply admired. Keith got exercise-induced asthma from the smog in LA. He would have had the upper hand if he had stayed in La. Yes, I am aware of some of his activities in CA and I don't give AF. The Tranny Lady he lived with out there was super sweet and stayed at my place in N.O. Keith was extremely handsome and charming, although he could not dance at all. LOL! He asked me to dance to Too Hard to Handle by the Black Crows at Enoch's in Monroe, La. That's how we met. I thought "Man, this guy couldn't dance his way out of a paper bag but he sure looks good in those shorts." He was a beautiful man with a brilliant smile. I called him Butter Bean Iovine. Keith loved the Lord. I remember his good friend Trevor from Africa, a sweetheart. I have read some of the vile comments in this thread for years and never replied. Now, that I'm 61 it is time to set the record straight. Keith was NOT gay. I can assure you of that. We used to meet at my brother's place at ULM. And my Grandmother's. And N.O. And his mother's. And...get the picture. I will always love that Italian-French Runner from N.O. (Metairie). One of the greatest days of my life was when he won the KNOE race at Forsythe Park and walked over and gave me the huge trophy. Honey, I thought I was Princess Diana at Buckingham Palace. To all you haters, you're just jealous because he was so handsome and talented. His death at such a young age just proves "Only the good die young." I will always love Keith. Sincerely, Lisa B. Rogers, Tulsa Twister