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Discussion in 'Australia and New Zealand' started by hippy, Sep 14, 2004.

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    > Just wondering if anyone can give me a quick heads up on this bike.

    It looks old and convoluted. Some of the mtb geeks
    will probably be able to tell you how the suspension
    sucks compared to more modern bikes but I'm not
    sure about this setup

    > Has XTR / XT bits .

    Are they in good nick?

    > I know Klein is a good product, but this is quite a few years old now,

    > risking second hand or should I go new and slightly lower spec?

    Depends how much it is. MTB's are relatively cheap these
    days and you will often it better to buy a new one rather
    than risk old parts. Having said all that.. it's a unique bike
    and with a bit of work could be a damn funky ride! :)
    Okay I found it on ebay.. $1500 is more than _I_ would
    pay but it's your money Ralph. The Magura hydro rim
    brakes are cool but take some setting up and need special
    pads. It has a single chainring and chainguide - not real
    good if you want to power down in the big ring or climb in
    granny gear. If you have $1500 to spend I'd buy a nice,
    new hardtail.