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    On Mon, 17 Jan 2005 13:31:37 -0600, "Alan C. Acock" <[email protected]>

    >I'm 60, 5'10", and weight a little over 200 pounds. I have a early Kline
    >Quantum. It is light, strong, quick, and rigid--but I'm none of these. My
    >feet get numb and I ride over about 3,000-4,000 miles of chip seal a
    >year--the ever increasing road buzz is wearing me down.

    Chip seal - type of rough asphault...I can imagine that - we've kicked out
    one road where we ride b/c of excessive buzz. Be interesting to compart a
    bike on that stretch using carbon seat-stays and maybe that shock absorber
    gasket they're touting - don't know about that - would it not be a fail

    From their site:
    The all-new RĂªve (pr. rev) road bicycle features and ultra-lightweight
    aluminum and carbon frame with the tuneable s.p.a. (Suspension Performance
    Advantage) shock absorbtion system. Tune your bike to Medium (100-150 lbs.)
    Firm (150-200 lbs.) or Stiff (200 lbs. and up) for the ultimate in
    lightweight, high-performance road cycling.

    >I love the quality of my Kline Quantum (know Trek now owns them) and this
    >attracts me the the Reve V. I like the idea of the Pilot 5.0 for fighting
    >buzz with carbon. I think both bikes can take a 28 width tire and with
    >about 90 pounds of pressure this would be a good buzz absorber.

    Thing about the Pilot, is, what's the advantage of the V top tube versus
    the straight bar top? They say 'more upright riding position', but why not
    just get a longer stem, or flip the stem? I think I'm going to go with the
    straight bar configurated bike next, but I do like the Pilot - just not
    sure why they designed it like that? I -think- I'm moving away from the
    'more upright riding position', myself. ;-)

    >I need real fenders (Oregon). I need a bicycle I can ride centuries and still
    >feel my feet.

    I'm still working up to a century, but I can see where at >30 - 40 miles
    per day, you would not want to be wet and muddy for nearly two hours, which
    it sounds like your rides last.

    Hasn't become an issue for me yet. Just solved the "hands/forearms getting
    numb problem", myself, mostly. Guess numb feet come later, lol.

    >Which of these is better? Are there better alternatives?

    Thanks for the great suggestions.


    >Alan Acock
    >[email protected]