Re: Legality of chaining Bicycles to footway apparatus

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Dave Larrington

LSMike wrote:

> Thanks, that's interesting. I always wondered if I was being an
> illegal pavement cyclist entering my home by cycling a short way
> (50m) from the nearest dropped curb. There is a pathway from the
> entrance to the road, but it is narrow with protective bollards,
> there is no dropped curb, and it is on a busy road.

Yes, you are a terrorist. Here comes Mr. Clarke now :)

Actually I do something similar, as Larrington Towers is located on a
junction, the "front" gate is in the side road and it's a one-way street.
To be legal I should have to cycle round three sides of a sizeable
rectangle; alternatively I can do three yards on the footway. No-one has
complained yet...

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