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    I will hit the big five-zero this October but everyday I’m still
    learning new unicycling skills and learning about my abilities and
    various challenges through unicycling. I just got in from working on a
    30” pedal grab – didn’t land it (yet) but I’ve got the grab part. I
    feel sure that the landing of this skill will come soon. Just last week
    I thought that I would never be able to land a 28” pedal grab but now
    I’m some what consistently hitting it. This post is not about my
    unicycling prowess but about the personal challenges that lie before us
    and how we respond to them. Through the challenges of unicycling I have
    learned more about myself, how I respond to challenges, focus,
    concentration and relaxation through it all. Everything that I have
    learned through unicycling (for the last three years), at this rip old
    age, serves me in many facets of my life. I am expecting, everyday, to
    wake up and realize that I’ve hit the wall in the progression and
    development of my uni-skills. But being able to relax, focus,
    concentrate, and execute is something that I’ll be able to continue to
    use in arenas other than unicycling when the old hips finally go.
    Unicycling is not the end but the tool to continued personal growth.
    OK, I know it sounds a little hokie but it is the truth for me.

    Heck, I’m proud to be 50 and unicycling!


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