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  1. Guess I belong here ... but it does feel strange. Telling how old you
    are is like disclosing a secret, and the one who doesn't want to here
    the secret is me.

    Anyway, I started unicycling August 04 after I had bought and mastered
    to comfortably ride a Flevo bike. A Flevo bike is a Dutch recumbent bike
    which you steer with your legs and feet instead of your arms and hands.
    The handle bars are there so you can rest your hands and shift gears and
    operate the brakes but they are no good for steering. The Flevo bike
    (like other centre steered recumbents) have the steering pivot placed
    under its seat so cycling requires quite different body work than on
    ordinary bikes. And it requires some balance skills. However, I learnt
    the trick. In a few days time I rode the Flevo with my hands on the lap
    and a happy smile on my face.

    This wetted my appetite for more activities that would challenge my
    balance. I practice Taiji which is very satisfying when it comes to slow
    movements and balance training, but I wanted something more physically
    demanding. Then my eyes fell upon the unicycle. My first thought was:
    Why haven't I tried this before? I was 49 then. As soon as I tried to
    get on top of the wheel I realised why there isn't an abundance of
    middle aged men riding around on unicycles - it is difficult! In the
    beginning holding on to a wall, unicycling seemed to have very little to
    to with cycling but a week later I could ride 50 meters on my 24" wheel
    ... I felt like Superman!

    One year later I have four unicycles and enjoy both coker riding and
    muniing. If I have to make a choice between the two I think muni is what
    i prefer. Going on rooty and stony single tracks in the woods is a
    marvellous work out. This is 'body cycling' like on my Flevo, only so
    much more! Fighting the fatigue while treading my way between rocks and
    potholes up and down slopes makes my body bubble of joy and excitement.
    Right as if I was five years old again.

    Actually, in these moments I -am- five, not fifty.

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