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  1. mgrant

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    > <snip>Sustained coasting with both feet
    > in the air is deemed to be impossible (on a unicycle) <snip>

    There is, however, video proof that standing-on-seat coasting is not
    impossible (anyone have the link?).

    This suggest to me that with enough practice one could achieve a
    both-feet-in-the-air extended coast.


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  2. Unitik908

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    sockmonster wrote:
    > *Yes, flatland and freestyle are the same thing.
    > The levels are just a scale on which to measure one's progress and
    > skill. So when a fellow unicyclist asks you, "So, how good are you?"
    > You can say, "I'm a level 4!" instead of "Well....."
    > It's not like there's a rule that says you have to go throuhg the
    > levels. Most of them aren't that practical anyway. I mean, if you can
    > ride in a fairly tight figure 8, and hop up and ride off a curb, then
    > you're perfectly capable of unicycling for transportation.
    > Seriously, how often are you going to ride one footed backwards in a
    > figure eight?
    > But the best part about the levels is that they provide all
    > unicyclists with something to shoot for.
    > P.s. what's the difference between gliding and coasting? *

    Ive always thought this, and it kinda annoyed me when people got all mad
    becuase the levels are for freestlye, so thank you for typing that.


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  3. jsm

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    > There is, however, video proof that standing-on-seat coasting is not
    > impossible (anyone have the link?).

    Check 'here.' (
    Julien Monney is probably close to the best freestyler in the world!

    As to coasting with the feet off the frame, I think it just might be
    possible with enough practice. The best way to do it would be to extend
    both legs, but squeeze the sides of the saddle with your thighs. Maybe
    I'll give it a try sometime. In one of the old threads, Ken Fuchs claims
    he can coast forward and backward, in the lotus position, that is with
    the feet against the sides of the saddle, which is pretty close to
    double leg extended coasting.

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  4. munipsycho

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    Levels - or some measuring device - are one way to:

    a) compare your skills to other riders, and
    b) compare your skills at two points in time (i.e., to know where and
    how you are improving).

    They definitely cannot objectively measure how good you are.

    And they don't make it more fun to ride.

    I ride MUni (although I've ordered a Coker). I wish I could do a lot of
    that free-style stuff. I also wish I was 19 again. (or 29, or even 39).
    I still have a lot of fun rocketing down gullies, crawling up hills,
    and doing a bunch of other stuff I don't know how to measure.

    But it's definitely an 11.5 on the 10 point Fun Scale.

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  5. Klaas Bil

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    On Mon, 4 Apr 2005 17:33:34 -0500, "mgrant" wrote:

    >There is, however, video proof that standing-on-seat coasting is not
    >impossible (anyone have the link?).

    The native location of these vids is

    >This suggest to me that with enough practice one could achieve a
    >both-feet-in-the-air extended coast.

    I agree. I only wrote 'deemed to be impossible'. But indeed, you would
    have to exert forces with either the front or the rear of your crotch
    on the seat by tilting your hips forward or backward, to keep the
    unicycle upright. Like jsm writes, squeezing the seat would help as it
    increases the potential to exert force. I still doubt if anyone will
    ever do it (under control) but it is not physically impossible.

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