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Qui si parla Campagnolo

Steve Sr. wrote:
> After digging through the last year and a half of news group posts
> regarding wheels I still haven't found a consensus for a good durable
> wheel set. It appears that there is a bias against "boutique" wheels
> for this purpose but then there have also been a lot of complaints
> with the conventionals like Mavic not being as good as they used to be
> and causing reliability problems.
> I am looking for a set of road wheels for long distance group riding
> not racing. I weigh 160 pounds which might make the choice easier.
> I want the hubs to be of high quality with no maintenance sealed
> cartridge bearings. Based on the distance requirement we're probably
> talking conventional round spokes and aluminum rims. BTW, these will
> be for a Shimano 10-speed drive train.
> Based on these requirements I am probably looking at having someone
> build these wheels from the recommended parts. however, if you can
> recommend some good wheels that match the requirements that are
> pre-built I will consider these also.
> So which components / wheels would you recommend?
> Thanks,
> Steve

I would suggest DA or Ultegra hubs altho they are not cart bearings.

The hubs out there that have cart bearings are expensive and not made as
well as shimano(or Campagnolo).

But the best are certainly PhilWood, but very expensive and not light.

Velocity Aerohead or Fusion rims, DT spokes, 32 hole, laced 3 cross,
brass nipples. made well.

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