Re: Litespeed Pricing on Current Year (2005) Models - Any Discounts Available?


Tom Kunich

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>I am in the market for a new road bike and it will probably be a
> Litespeed. I would like to go with a LBS but am wondering if they
> compete on pricing or does everyone pay list price?
> I am having an issue with one local dealer who can't seem to come up
> with a price. One person was quoting less than list but before he
> could confirm it left for a week. Now his supervisor is back to
> quoting list price and also screwed up the pricing on the current
> wheels promotion so I'm not sure he knows which end is up either.
> I did stumble across one web site ( which
> seemed to indicate that there was considerable wiggle room down from
> the list price. Does anybody have any experience with these folks or
> could suggest others?

Look at Litespeeds
are great but Merlins are better.

Excel also has a pretty great deal on the Time VX if you can get one in your
size. I can't get one big enough for me but I've heard nothing but glowing
reports on them.
Sorry, but after the melding of the two, Mer-speeds and Lite-lins are
really a wee bit different design of the same thing.
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> On 04/26/2005 10:28 PM, in article
> [email protected], "Tom
> Kunich" <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Look at
>> Litespeeds are great but Merlins are better.

> Considering they come out of the same factory in Chattanooga
> (okay, it's really Ooltewah), Tennessee, what makes you say this?

I have had had people tell me that the welds on the Merlins were way
better with the both brands sitting next to each other and obviously
the same...makes you wonder.

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