Re: Live "perfect" life. Still have high blood pressure.

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    >Subject: Re: Live "perfect" life. Still have high blood pressure.
    >From: Mxsmanic [email protected]

    >That would be my first guess during a fast, although I've seen drops in
    >BP even when I am well hydrated. The drops last only as long as the
    >fast, though.

    I think that was my point..

    >weight loss and exercise (especially the former). I have _four years_
    >of data, and it proves this pretty conclusively. This also agrees with
    >most prevalent medical opinions.
    > modifications....always the first step...


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    Dr. Fuhrman says: "There are some cardiac conditions in which patients
    are at such risk that it is imperative the blockages in the arteries
    be quickly diminished. People who have been told they need bypass
    surgery or angioplasty, as well as those with angina at low workloads,
    are prime candidates for therapeutic fasting. Fasting allows the body
    actually to remove the plaque from within the blood vessels and to
    heal itself in the shortest amount of time." p. 111.