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Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Steve Wertz, Feb 7, 2006.

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    >Back in 1987-1989 I purchased a series of cookbooks on diskette called
    >"America Cooks Chinese", "America Cooks Mexican", "America Cooks Italian",
    >etc. from the AAFES PX over in Heilbronn, Germany. Since 5-1/4" diskettes
    >and drives have become extinct, I don't what the heck I ever did with the
    >After hours and hours of searching the web, I found a company named
    >"Lifeware" ( which used to be "CDA/LifeStyle"...
    >which used to be "Concept Development Associates"... which is who (I think)
    >marketed the software. Anyway, I contacted the company and they told me
    >that they no longer handle that product and didn't know of where I could get
    >it. They suggested EBay, but I haven't found it.

    What is the name of the actual software? You mentioned the recipe
    series, but not the name of the software package.

    Since all the Commodore 64, PET, and TRS-80 (Level I) software is
    all archived somewhere on the net, I'd bet this is too if you can
    be more specific about the actual software.