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Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Claire Petersky, Dec 29, 2005.

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    > Hi, I'm looking into buying a 2005 Specialized Sirrus.
    > Anyone here own one and can share their experience?
    > I am basically looking for a racing bike w/ flat handlebar.
    > I did a couple of test-rides and the fit was very good.

    That sounds odd. Why do you want a racing bike? Do you race? If so, why do
    you want flat handlebars?

    I think you should back up and tell us what kind of riding you want to do.
    My guess is you want a road bike, not a racing bike.

    > I read many good things and also several bad things
    > (especially poor wheelset and crankset). I thought there
    > may be some in this newsgroup who ride Sirrus and
    > can pass on some info.

    I'm cross-posting this over to rec.bicycles.misc. Rec.bicycles.rides doesn't
    seem to be quite the right place for this message, unless you're planning to
    use the bike for tours or events, not racing.

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  2. POHB

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    Well, yes it depends what you are looking for. I bought one 4 months
    ago after test-riding a bunch of other bikes. I've been very happy
    using it mainly for fast commuting (12 miles each way). No problems
    with wheels or gears etc. I think earlier models may have been a bit
    dodgy in that respect. BIG probs with "all purpose" tyres as supplied,
    loads of punctures in urban conditions. Now replaced with Schwalbe
    Happy to answer any other specifics,but as always try before you buy!
    - Pat
  3. CL

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    Yes, I mean to type road, not racing.
    I was looking to use for commuting and
    light touring.
  4. CL

    CL Guest

    Yes, I meant to type road, not racing.
    I was looking to use for commuting and
    light touring.
  5. Queso

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    I bought a new Sirrus (the entry level one) for commuting this summer,
    and I love it. The components definitely need some upgrading, but the
    bike is comfortable and well suited for what I use it for. Little by
    little I'll upgrade pieces as they become available on eBay. The only
    change I made was to remove the suspension seatpost and saddle and
    replace with an old road post and flite saddle, and added a rack and

    This spring I'll probably change the tires to make it a bit more
    suitable for gravel rails to trails conversions.

    At <$500 I think it was a steal.