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Discussion in 'Triathlon' started by Jaja, Jul 13, 2004.

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    I trained for the London Marathon this year (ran a PB!) and since then
    have had loads of trouble getting motivated. I had hoped to switch to
    triathlon training but just cannot get going. What I have been doing
    over the last six weeks is about 5.75 hrs per week cardio (say 2 hrs
    slow cycling to and from work per week; 2-2.5 hrs per week hard
    running; 1-1.5 hrs other mainly walking briskly) plus 1.5 hrs of
    weighttraining per week. I had a holiday recently too (not included
    in figures where we hiked and backpacked in the Basque Pyrenees -
    lovely but hot and hard work). Also about 30 mins per day
    stretching/pilates etc. It's not as much as I have done last year
    when I trained for an Olympic distance tri.

    What I seem to remember reading somewhere is that 'over training' is a
    bit of a misnomer as it can be brought on by other factors such as
    stress. If so, I feel this could be the reason as I've had rather a
    'bumpy' time lately:

    2.5 years ago - Dad diagnosed with cancer AND I lost my job in

    2 years ago - retrained and begun work as Personal Trainer/Sports
    Massage Therapist AND Mum crippled by a bungled back operation

    1 year ago - Dad died AND Mum had a heart attack five days later
    (survives, but it still obviously in need of lots of support). I
    break my PB for Olympic Tri a week later and again a month later!!
    Sacked from my job as gym instructor for "Not being cheerful

    This year - PBs for Marathon and Half Marathon.

    I'm extremely lucky that I have a very supportive
    husband/sister/brother-in-law (and an absolutely useless brother and
    sister-in-law.) and Mum has a good support group helping her.

    So could this lack of motivation/overtraining syndrome thingy be
    connected with all that stress????

    Thanks for all the feedback you have all provided so far. I'm taking
    the rest of this week off as you suggest and seeing how I go at a
    sprint tri on Sunday.

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    > > I second Roger Moore's comment. Your HR not getting up to it's usual is a
    > > good sign that you are not leaving enough time between work-out for full
    > > recovery.
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    > > > My usual heart rate for running 10k would be between 158 - 168.
    > > > Lately I ran a very good time at 154 so I thought this would mean I
    > > > could go faster at the higher heart rate. But this is not happening.
    > > >
    > > > I just cannot get my heart rate into that zone anymore. Today I was
    > > > doing some repitions and I felt as though my chest would burst and
    > > > even my arms were going sort of numb yet my HR stayed stubbornly at
    > > > 145!! My legs were aching too. This has been happening most of this
    > > > year so its not an isolated incident.
    > > >
    > > > Any suggestions?
    > > > Thanks Jaja

    > Jaja--What is a typical training week like for you--hours per day per
    > discipline, what intensity? DO you take rest days?