Re: Lower back pain from Squats

Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by Steve Freides, Sep 23, 2005.

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    > Tonight I hurt my lower back while squatting. I am around 74Kg (5´11¨)
    > and squat about 100kg so it´s a reasonable weight for my size. My form
    > looks good, but maybe I arch my back too much.
    > The pain came during the squat but I stupidly continued to complete my
    > set. It is a sharp pain which is right in the lower centre of the back
    > and does not feel muscular. It is now sore in various seated positions
    > and especially as I get-up or lower myself onto a chair.
    > Can anyone with experience advise what might have been damaged (
    > spine,
    > nerve, muscle ) and what the best remedy could be? Should I take
    > anything? How long should I stay off squats?

    Jeff's advice to take an anti-inflammatory is sound. I'd take it around
    the clock, at the maximum recommended dosage (at least) for three days
    and see how you feel after that. In the meantime, no squats for a
    while, eh? :)

    If you could videotape yourself squatting (from the side at about knee
    height), we could comment on your form to see if that's the culprit. By
    "arch my back too much" I assume you're talking about letting your back
    round outwards - there really isn't such a thing as arching your back
    inwards too much during a squat unless you've got some abnormality to
    your spine - most people have a hard time keep any inward arch at all at
    the bottom of a squat.

    Best of luck to you.