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    > Easy question:
    > Are TA Cyclotouriste chainwheels the same bolt pattern
    > as Stronglight 49 ? Will the TA triple bolts work on the 49 ?
    > Harder question for advanced students:
    > On Sheldon's site, it says that you want to do a half step plus
    > granny" setup with this TA crank. It infers (if I'm reading it right)
    > that it will be difficult to shift the small to medium wheel if the
    > medium is not close in size to the large (outer) chainwheel.
    > I'm having trouble grasping this, or I'm just reading it wrong.
    > Why would the medium to large size chainwheel relationship
    > impact the small to medium shift ? I would think that you'd want
    > the medium closer to the middle of the range for the smoothest
    > shifting from the small to medium.
    > I have no reason to doubt Sheldon... just trying to understand
    > the issue.
    > Thanks,
    > Bob
    >Frank J Berto author of the book "Cmplete Guide To UPGRADING YOUR BIKE is
    >the definitive work on gear shifting (he was quote "a wee bit biased
    >towards half- step plus granny" ) he didn't invent the arrangement but
    >named it.

    On page 141 a picture shows the position of the front mech set up for a 52
    40 28 c/rings with the 52 T ring removed this illustrates just how high
    above the 40 T ring the front mech is and thus the problem of shifting from
    middle ring to outer ring with the Eighties type front mech.