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  1. You don't need to worry about difficulty factor. A trail might be mostly
    rideable, with several spots you have to dismount and walk. I don't
    think there is any trail that even the best rider would walk up/down at
    least a little.

    Last year there was riders of all level, and age too. There was 6 and 7
    year olds riding 20" Torker CX's. There was a 61 year old man riding a
    schwinn. Just ride what you can, and don't worry about walking parts of
    it. Besides, it lets you get a rest. :)

    Usually, the middle of the trail is a litte smoother/easier, with more
    trials and technical stuff on the sides.

    And nobody is left behind, either. Everyone is nice, and everybody
    waits for everbody else. I guess unicyclists are a just a nice group of


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