Re: Motobecane hierarchy



On Sun, 2 Jan 2005 03:51:21 +0000, morlok <[email protected]>

>What is/was the order of precedence (in terms of quality) of the
>Motobecane bicycle line?
>I had a Moto Grand Jubile(e), circa 1978, that I lost due to ...(never
>I now want to replace it with a bike of the same quality.
>I have seen a few advertised on eBay, including a Grand Jubile, but am
>unfamiliar with what's what today, since I rode my GJ up until 4 years

Getting something comparable will be more a matter of shopping for type than for
a particular brand name. Motobecane isn't the same company at all. And bikes are
not the same materials even.

Having not bought a bike in decades be prepared for some sticker shock - also be
prepared to be amazed at how well everything works. Shifters shift without much
attention from the rider and bearings and hubs need little maintenance.

To my mind the important thing to match is that classic steel frame. I'm a fan
of steel, rugged and feels good, it's light enough and is almost unconditionally
reliable. It costs a bit more than aluminum, so what.

Have fun shopping and let us know what you find.