Re: Mountain Biking Speed Record - Speed 110 mph - Downhill......Video Footage

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by NYC XYZ, Apr 17, 2006.

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    Wow, the guy wasn't even on a recumbent!!!!

    And all he had was a helmet! I didn't see any other protective wear.

    I actually flinched at the! Even worse than that other one
    with some Euro downhill racing where a guy lost his bike momentarily
    but then landed right on his saddle -- and nuts!

    Bill Baka wrote:
    > [email protected] wrote:
    > > Check this out: Mountain Bikers, I think this clip show 2, trying do
    > > brake a Speed Record on a Volcano in Japan. They achieve up to 110 mph,
    > > according to this video, but the Bike it seems, can not handle the 110
    > > mph and breaks. Pretty hard core. I tried to find any information on
    > > the www about this stunt but was not able to.
    > > Greetings from Hans N.
    > >
    > >

    > That's insane. 50 MPH downhill on pavement is my record and I am
    > positively not looking to break that on the side of a mountain.
    > I think that was a Japanese video but the guy who crashed looked like a
    > American, a dumb one, but at least he was able to stand after that crash.
    > If he got back on the bike I would nominate him for a 'Darwin' award.
    > Bill Baka
    > Anybody remember the guy who tried to ski down Mt. Everest with a drag
    > chute behind him? Japanese. It is a thing with them more than us.