Re: Mr Chung ... please turn yourself into your county mental health office - NOW.


St. Jackanapes

In alt.flame.jesus.christ, Father Haskell said...

> On Mar 21, 6:10 pm, "Free Gift" <[email protected]> wrote:
> > Dr. Andrew Chung, remember what the apostle Paul went through.
> > Every time he visited a new town, he went straight to the jails, to see
> > what they werelike, because he knew he would be spending more time
> > there, than out and about the town. He counted it all for joy, even when
> > he was waist high in human sewer waste.

> I'll bet he said grace, too.

I bet Paul liked to hang out in **** holes. He had a thing for ****
holes. especially the **** holes of young boys.

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