Re: MTB: downtube cable routing


David Bonnell

> I've seen it done on some full-suspension frames, and it seems to work
> well at least in dryish conditions. I'm not sure about serious amounts
> of mud though. Does the frame use housing to run the cables under the
> BB, or a road bike style cable guide?

There appears to be a grooved cable guide, so we're talking exposed
cable. Given the amount of crud that forms on my current MTB in that
area, I'm a bit hesitant.

> As for rocks, I wouldn't be too worried. Your odds of bashing the
> underside of the BB shell on a rock without destroying your chainrings
> in the process are not terribly high.

Agreed. That was just an example (and a bad one). Loose/flying rocks
are much more of a problem (my current downtube is full of nicks,
presumably from rocks). I live in a wet climate, so even on-road
riding results in more-than-expected grime.