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  1. Bob M wrote:
    > Ah, the subjects took cholesterol lowering drugs. It's unclear as to
    > whether the people who dropped out continued to take cholesterol lowering
    > drugs. Therefore, it's impossible to know whether diet or drugs caused
    > this outcome. Moreover, if what you're trying to establish is that an
    > Ornish diet will stop heart events, why would you give people drugs? You
    > should have, at a minimum, the following groups: (1) a control group; (2)
    > a group on an Ornish diet; (3) a control group given drugs; and (4) a
    > group on an Ornish diet and given drugs.

    Fwiw, folks using the 2PD-OMER Approach eventually come off of all there
    medications as they get closer to their "ideal" body weight.

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