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    > Can anyone tell me how to order Natto Beans? Anyone doing research on
    > Natto? Any updates... Many interesting developments are coming out of
    > this. Thanks...

    Have you actually TRIED them? <ugh>


    You can get them in my local supermarket here of course.

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    My aunt fed her dad, who was in his late 80s, after he underwent a
    major operation for colon cancer. In two days, he was so mentally alert
    with vigour that the doctor-in-charged insisted to have him discharged
    from the hospital!! No drips. Air support. Can talk audible. Never
    before was there a case like this. In late 80s.. after a major
    operation for colon cancer... in two days... have such positive
    outcomes... the doctor actually deemed this to be a low success case.
    Not very optimistic, considering his advance age.