Re: Natural 'cures' can be killers (contd)


Mark Probert

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> >Subject: Re: Natural 'cures' can be killers (contd)
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> >Date: 9/8/2003 9:33 AM Pacific Standard Time
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> >> >Subject: Re: Natural 'cures' can be killers (contd)
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> >> >HA is useful in monitoring peoples drug use over time. It is utterly

> >useless
> >> >in determining whether a person used drugs during a MVA, or some other

> >acute
> >> >episode, like being admitted to a ER in a coma.
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> >> but these folks are not allowed into ER's tho..
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> >> thanks point entirely..

> Mark jumps in to save hawki embarrssment because she didn't know HA was

> used. So he changes the subject. Ain't that sweet, and typical,

I see that I am out of your killfile.

I had no need to "save" hawki, as hawki was quite right. HA is useful for
monitoring past drug use, but utterly useless for diagnostic purposes in the
emergency room, or to dtermine one's overall state of health as the alties
like to claim.

If done properly, it is entirely possible for a lab to tell whether a person
has used drugs with a hair sample. I use that when confronted with the issue
as I described.

However, if someone is selling HA as a means of diagnosing current
conditions, they they are a fraud and a liar.

I hope that clears up your befuddlement.

> >> this "send a hair sample in" mentality is obviously aimed at the Jan

> >> mentality...

> <Yawn>
> Hawki is here, it seems to talk about Jan Drew. She isn't interested in

> fact that HA are being used to screen for drugs, neither had she heard of

it. I
> guess she is just behind the times.

IIRC Hawki mentioned that HA is used to screen for past drug use. It cannot
be used to determine drug use in an acute setting.