Re: Near Miss from Trying to Signal

Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Ambrose Nankivell, May 10, 2004.

  1. In news:[email protected],
    Elisa Francesca Roselli <[email protected]>
    > Behemoth doesn't like this at all. Just after I _stop_ nodding my
    > head, she decides to convey this subtle movement to the whole of her
    > frame, especially to her cranky, hypersensitive steering. And lo, the
    > handlebars start wiggling right out of control, left, right, left,
    > with barely enough space to compensate the imbalance because at the
    > same time I'm trying to slow. I manage to stop her and very barely
    > avoid an over-the-handlebars in moving traffic.

    Presumably you weren't going particularly fast. I'd be quite worried that
    there's a crack in a frame that really can't take that kind of handling,
    otherwise I agree with everyone elses posts. Presumably a crack around the
    headtube would be the most likely place to cause this kind of problem.