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    Man you are a dolt. If I run into the article that makes the comparison
    between vegetarian Hindus and non-vegetarian Muslims I will post it.

    I think I sufficiently showed that Indian, where most of the population
    is vegetarian Hindu, has a massive problem with heart disease, among
    the Hindu specifically.

    If you fail to see that, then i suggest that you take off your
    rose-coloured vegan-activist glasses and come back to the rel world for
    one brief moment, just long enough to see that you are wrong about
    vegetarian diet and heart disease.

    Vegetarians are malnourished and prone to more chronic disease tham
    meat eaters, period.

    Here is some good reading to start you on your way to enlightenment and
    basic intelligence:


    [email protected] wrote:
    > To the below we were provided a list of urls speaking about the indian
    > paradox. This is the observation that a diet tradition having 70 percent
    > or more in carbs had one of the lowest metabolic disorder risk levels, but
    > which started to change around 15 years or so to the world's highest risk
    > level wwhile continuing the high carb diet with other things added and
    > other lifestyle factors. For each of them I did a search for "muslim" or
    > "muslum" and none was found. Look at the below assertions and see how the
    > urls can then support them, proof is still missing, big surprise. This
    > tactic was the same response as before, still falls flat on it's face:
    > "> "Vegetarian Hindus have many times more heart disease than
    > non-vegetarian
    > > Muslims from the same areas in India."
    > >
    > > Oh dear, here we go again. The last time you rolled out this set of
    > > "facts" you were asked to provide a web source by which to confirm it,

    > it
    > > was not provided and one might conclude it can not be done this or any
    > > other time. This is an example of the lifestyle cult in action, this

    > one
    > > centered on various speculations about nutrition which can not be
    > > supported scientifically but exists soley on emotional cheerleading

    > among
    > > it's adherents.."