Re: need info about recumbent bike. Longbikes Vanguard


Donn Cave

Quoth [email protected] (Capri):
| I just bought a recumbent bike at a garage sale for $500. It was made
| by Longbikes and the model is a Vanguard. I can't seem to find out a
| whole lot of information about it other than it seems to be one of the
| older recumbent bikes. The bike is in excellent condition.The owner
| says he has hardly ridden it for the past 4 years. He bought it from
| someone else so did not know how old the bike is but it can't be all
| that old as it has an 8 spd cog on the rear wheel. Doing a google
| search I found this group. I just wonder if anyone out there knows
| anymore about the bike, any pros or cons. It took me awhile to get
| used to the under seat steering.

Pros and cons? Did you buy it, or not?

What does the steering look like? The bars point straight out
sideways on mine, with the brake levers pointing outwards, but
recent models bend up.

Does the seat front hook to the top tube with a swivel gimmick,
or is it just stretched tight between the side rails?


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