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  2. Rainy (but sometimes sunny) Swansea.
    I'm really looking forward to the time where I'm good enough to cycle
    the beach front unaided. At the moment I take the bike in to work, and
    on my lunch hour, pop round to the local skate park. I don't actually
    go IN the skate park, but there is a great hand rail that runs around
    it which is the perfect height for me to run my hand on top of as I'm
    I find this much better than the tennis court chain link fence or a
    wall, as I can merrily go along with my hand out, making slight
    adjustments to my balance whilst 'hovering' my hand over this rail.
    And the skaters think the uni is cool too.

    By the way, can anyone recommend a good saddle, as mine is getting
    scuffed to buggery with all the falling I'm doing. The plastic front
    and back bits, which are held on with two screws each, have each lost a
    screw and the ones that are left have almost been ripped out too. At
    the moment the scuff guards are being held on with duct tape.
    I've seen these on e-bay.
    Good? Bad? Yes? No?
    Let me know.

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    Welcome "Into the blue". Keep working at it and you will be riding
    soon. The older we are, the more training our brains need in order to
    learn what NOT to do. Just remember, once you learn on your 24" you
    will be faster than your girlfriend on her 20".

    UDC (Unicycle Dot Com) has a variety of sadles you can compare to the
    one on ebay. I'm not trying to push UDC, but if you get one from them,
    enter the web site via the link under "donate" on this web page and it
    will help Gilby pay for hosting

    Good luck and have fun!


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