Re: New stems vs. quills - New features ?

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Zog The Undeniable, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. Retro Bob wrote:

    > OK... having been out of the bicycle arena for about 25-30 years, I've
    > recently returned. I'm having trouble getting my hands around some
    > changes, but I'm getting there. The one that has me the most confused
    > is the new style stems vs. the quill design. What are the advantages
    > to the new design ? I can;t see an overall weight advantage, it's
    > not simpler, it's definitely not more elegant... ?

    It's stiffer, provided you don't put too many spacers in, it's
    serviceable with just an allen key (no huge headset spanners anymore)
    and there's no problem with water running down the stem and seizing the
    quill to the steerer tube.

    On the flipside, you can't easily and cheaply adjust the bar height, so
    you need to get this right at the time of purchase to avoid future
    (large) expense.