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Unicycling is a great sport, and very addictive. It is similar to
mountainbiking or BMX in some ways, but incredibly different in other
ways. If you search these forums, you will find links to videos of
what can be achieved on a trials uni, and various stories about what
adventures can be had on off road/cross country/mountain unicycles.

As for buying your first uni. Buy cheap, buy twice. The sort of uni
you see languishing in the window of the local bike shop is usually not
very good for anything except learning to ride on. You wouldn't buy a
$100 mountainbike and expect it to be as versatile as a good quality
one. You can't learn to play music on a cheap instrument. (Add
similar examples of your own.:) )

Far better to buy something from someone who knows about unicycles.
Pay a bit extra and get a machine that makes you want to ride it.

Here's a link to some food for thought:


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