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I have discovered that it is easier to bend your knees than to jump up.
When watching Ryan Atkins jump up low to medium height objects, you
will notice that his shoulders stay at the same level. He only bends
his knees.

When jumping up stairs I don't really jump. I just bend my knees and
lift up the unicycle. When I have landed on the stair I am in a slight
squating stance. I then just stand up.

The big problem is the fear of bending the knees. To overcome this it
helps to do the Baldwin squats. First master the stand still. Then pull
the seat in front and squat down until your ass touches the wheel. Try
to hold this squating position ALAP (as long as possible).This is the
position that you should be landing in on the big jumps. These squats
build up the technique needed to bend your knees and overcome the
psychological barrier. I can always add a couple of inches to my
jumping height after doing 4 or 5 baldwin squats.

For the really big jumps you must both jump up and bend your knees. For
the smaller jumps you will conserve a lot of energy by just bending
your knees.



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