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  1. Let us consider an ongoing experiment in discovering the relationship
    between a vegetarian and/or near vegetarian diet and type 2 diabetes,
    India. In urban areas the rate is 9 percent and rural 3 percent, with an
    over all rate of about 4 percent, and growing in India. In the US, mostly
    urban, it is about 5 percent. The rate of pre diabetes is also higher.
    Clearly there is something other then simply vegetarian vs. not vegetarian
    diet that is at hand. See:

    from the page:

    In keeping with the scenario of most developing countries, India
    has long passed the stage of a diabetes epidemic. The problem has
    now reached, in scientific language, "pandemic" proportions. To put
    it simply, it has crossed the dividing line in which it is a
    problem associated with individuals, no matter how large this
    number may be, and is now a very large public health problem,
    growing astronomically year after year.