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    On Tue, 27 Jan 2004, Mary Ann wrote:
    >On Tue, 27 Jan 2004 13:16:23 -0500, "Mike Yared" <[email protected]>
    >>Obese patients strain hospitals
    >>Life: Special furnishings and equipment are required to care for obese
    >>patients coming into this outpatient facility before, and sometimes after,
    >>they undergo gastric bypass surgery in the hospital's bariatric surgery unit
    >>a block away.

    >It's hard to imagine that anyone would voluntarily be such a glutton
    >so as to transform themselves into one of these beached whales.
    >Sure, we all enjoy eating good food but we still have to behave with
    >responsibility and exercise self control.
    >Now for those that contend that controlling ones diet will not result
    >in weight control, I have the following question. If eating less is
    >not an answer then why would anyone get a gastric bypass, since all
    >the bypass does is make it impossible to overeat?
    >Mary Ann

    This is a good question Mary Ann. But it is the kind that a FAT ACCEPTOR
    cannot answer truthfully because they know that their whole philosophy is a
    sham - all smoke and mirrors (and food).

    Another good question for them to answer is if they feel any sympathy for
    the poor nurses and doctors who have to move the disgusting celestial
    masses they call a body. Fat Acceptance DEMANDS that hospitals and
    taxpayers all cater to MORBIDLY obese people - the consequences be damned.



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