Re: Obesity Researcher Comes Up With New Diet


Auntie Em

>His eating plan: Three meals a day with smaller portions and no food after
>7:30 p.m. He starts with a carbohydrate-heavy breakfast such as cold cereal
>or oatmeal. He said the carbs stimulate production of insulin, a hormone
>that helps cells convert blood sugar to energy.

I see. So our dear doctor thinks that everybody goes to bed at 10
o'clock or what?

Since I usually go to bed around 3 - 4 am every day, that means that
my last meal would be 7 1/2 - 8 hours before I go to bed. Yeah,

That's what I hate about stupid "diets" like this who think that
everybody in the universe shares a common brain - and lifestyle.

who eats dinner, usually about 10:30 pm

Be careful what you wish for....