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  1. On Tue, 28 Oct 2003 15:25:33 -0800, "Mike Turco"
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    >I agree that measuring food volume is not very scientific. However, I can
    >assure you that I eat *way* the hell too much food whether you measure it by
    >the calorie, the pound, the plate or the shovel. The "new me", if there is
    >to be a new, smaller me, must get used to the fact that he can't eat
    >*so*much* food.

    There are a zillion carb counting and calorie counting diets. They
    require journaling, and counting and constant becomes
    an all consuming ritual which, after a while as you will soon see
    right here on ASD, it will come to an end. No one keeps up with all
    that for a lifetime and that's what we are talking about...a lifetime.


    >Today, when I cut into that pot roast, the first slab I dropped on the
    >shitty little one pound scale maxed the damn thing out. Jesus -- more than a
    >pound of meat! And something like that, for me, is just getting started!

    Note the education that you are getting.

    >Anyway, I will take or leave the 2PD based on whether or not I lose weight.


    >However, I am going to keep that scale around for a while because, really, I
    >need to stop eating so much damn food, and without a scale and a log I will
    >probably kid myself into thinking that I am eating less when I am not.

    Soon you can drop the log when you are ready. I logged for six weeks
    for documentation purposes. Then I quit. I can eyeball a portion size
    now and I flat don't want that much food anymore.

    When I do over eat, I know it and it don't feel good.
    Lift well, Eat less, Walk fast, Live long.