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    On Mon, 13 Sep 2004 17:26:48 GMT, Retro Bob <[email protected]>

    >I'm looking for some "old style" 16 ounce/1 liter water bottles. I
    >don't need insulation, I don't need 25+ ounces, I don't need a spray
    >unit designed by NASA, ... just a supply of straight sided 16oz
    >plastic-ish bottles with the old style top that used to be so
    >common. A cheap price would be nice, I like to keep a bunch in
    >stock so I don't have to wash them everyday.
    >All I can find now are newer phallically inspired oversize modern
    >designs that are way too large for my old layout frame. Any
    >pointers ?
    >Bob (Ah... to be so retro... it's such a burden)

    I've found that the sports caps on several of the disposable bottled
    water containers will fit a 16 or 20 ounce shorty plastic soda bottle,
    so I've collected a supply of those caps and bottles and run them
    through the dishwasher to reuse. (Of course, I peel the labels off as
    well.) I've also found that if they're filled with water to a point
    about an inch and a half below the neck, they can be frozen (with the
    cap off, standing upright) without getting distorted. A bottle of ice
    is a nice thing to start a ride with on a hot day. Best of all, by
    doing a little scrounging, all of these have been gratis!

    One word of advice; when running soda bottles through the dishwasher,
    don't use the "hot dry" feature; most of these bottles can't stand
    that much heat. Since there's not a lot of cost involved, though,
    there's not a lot of risk in trying a hot dry on a few to see if your
    dishwasher will succeed where mine fails.
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