Re: Oldtimer asks, Is this place still alive?

Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by Karnov, Dec 30, 2005.

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    In article <[email protected]>, Stephen says...
    >Well after my short look in, it is not looking good.

    I've always lurked here on an off for about 10-11 years. I remember when I was
    in high school seeing posts from a "Mr. Deadlift" (which I thought was the
    coolest name) from U of M(ichigan) before I went there 95-2000. At the time I
    didn't do deadlifts, but eventually I really got into deadlifts and first broke
    500lbs in 99. I thought I might run into him doing deadlifts or something when
    I went to Michigan but I never did get to see the guy though, after 5 years of
    never missing a workout in the AM. He must've graduated or didn't work out at
    the CCRB, the big university gym at UM. Back then there were lots of good posts
    here actually having to do with working out.., some of my fraternity brothers
    used to lurk also and knew about MFW. But now those fraternity brothers are
    mostly all fat wimps who couldn't be disciplined enough to keep working out, and
    now most of the hardcore training posts are to be found elsewhere, or they don't
    exist. If elsewhere, probably on some kind of web forum like
    or or whatever. I mean who the hell knows about Usenet anymore anyway?
    Especially lifters?

    Now there's just way too much OT and ad hominem stuff. It used to be tolerable,
    but it's gotten ridiculous.

    Chris Covington