Re: Ominous L.A. Times report: Fat illegal aliens = ticking $$ timebomb for America

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  2. Hi, I am very interested in the health of our children as well. The
    obesity epidemic is very concerning and children are being diagnosed
    with " adult diagnosis" at an earlier age than ever seen in our
    history. Something has to be done and now. The education needs to
    start with the care takers. The state and federal funded programs are
    helpful to some, but if change does not start at home then the message
    is only getting to some and not to all. My partner and I are
    occupational health nurses with over 20 years in various health
    specialties, we know what illnesses are preventable and how people can
    Invest In Themselves and help to eliminate the overweight and obesity
    epidemic which exists today and is also draining our healthcare
    resources on the private, state and federal levels. Change has to
    start with each and every individual and we need to teach our children
    at early ages how to eat nutritiously, optimal height/weight ratio,
    fitness, and life ergonomics so that they can help prevent illnesses
    or at the very least early prevention for certain health conditions.
    Most illnesses are preventable. We have to teach people of all ages,
    from the young to the elderly. We have developed lifestyle strategies
    that work and will provide optimal health and financial security.Our
    book is called Invest In Yourself, Health is the New Real Estate. Most
    people are too busy trying to increase their personal wealth and
    neglect their health. Money is nothing if you do not have your health
    and personal freedom to do what you enough instead of waiting at
    unnecessary appoints due to preventable illnesses. Your lifestyle does
    affect you health.