Re: On-line Chat with HeartDoc (12/08/05) - Proof of God

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. Uncle Vic wrote:
    > on 02 Dec 2005 in alt.atheism, dear sweet Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD
    > ([email protected]) made the light shine upon us with this:
    > > Uncle Vic:
    > >> Claiming that "god" transcends human descriptive ability is a copout
    > >> from a long list of Christian copouts. "God works in mysterious
    > >> ways". "We are not worthy of understanding the height of his
    > >> workings". Bullshit copouts. They only convince those who are
    > >> already convinced.

    > >
    > > It is your choice to place your faith in the limitations of your
    > > language.

    > I do not live my life out of faith.

    And so you are unable to stand for anything.

    > > Those who are able to discern the truth have placed their
    > > faith in the LORD and so they will soar like eagles,
    > > run without tiring, and walk without feeling faint.

    > You left out the word "think" (not surprising).

    The words are not from me.

    > I fixed it for you.

    Your attempt was for your own vanity.

    > You're welcome.

    Thank you for the welcome. You have convinced me to stay a while longer
    here in alt.atheism :))

    Would be more than happy to "glow" and chat about this and other things
    like cardiology, diabetes and nutrition that interest those following
    this thread here during the next on-line chat (12/08/05):

    For those who are put off by the signature, my advance apologies for how
    the LORD has reshaped me:

    In Christ's love always,