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>[email protected] (Jan) wrote:

>>>and I do not lie.

>>There are three whoppers here, no four, no five!!
>>One of the tactics of supporters of "alternative medicine" is to deflect
>>criticism of quackery by pointing out that people sometimes die while under

>>care of real doctors.
>>LIE #1
>> To rational people, this is not surprising as the people seeing doctors and
>>being admitted to hospitals are sick. When a rare mistake by doctors is
>>Rare?!?! No, I don't think so!!
>>LIE # 2
>>Let's look at three dead children and see what we can learn from their

>>Ben Kolb
>>Ben Kolb was killed by a tragic mistake when he was given an injection of
>>adrenaline instead of an anaesthetic. The error occurred because things were
>>not labelled correctly in the operating theatre. The injection that Ben was
>>supposed to receive has been given tens of thousands of times before and it

>>because his reaction was so obviously atypical that the theatre staff knew
>>immediately that something had gone wrong. Despite desperate efforts to save
>>his life, Ben died. Ben's parents were notified as soon as the problem was
>>identified and the surgeon, hospital and anaesthetist all admitted
>>responsibility. A year later, the anaesthetist still breaks down and cries

>>public when reminded of Ben's death
>>Some proponents of "alternative medicine" have tried to make an issue out of
>>Ben's death, apparently on the basis that a mistake made by real doctors
>>somehow has something to do with children dying because pretend doctors

>>them with snake oil.
>>Lie #3
>> If the adrenaline had been deliberately administered to Ben as part of some
>>mad, unproven treatment protocol invented by someone with no medical

>>no knowledge of science and no justification other than their own

>>quackery then it would have been something to do with "alternative

>>When I first went to the web site of the lawyers who acted for Ben Kolb's
>>parents in their negotiations with the hospital, I expected to find some
>>ambulance chasers in full flight. Instead, when I looked there I was

>>surprised to find a balanced and sensitive approach to the incident and the
>>doctors who were as much a part of the tragedy as the parents. The attitude

>>the parents' lawyers stands in stark contrast to the way "alternative

>> attempt to demonise the people who made a tragic mistake.
>>LIE #5

And Rich Shewmaker show no morals either as he states:

Rich Shewmaker wrote:
> ***I don't give a damn if Peter lied to you, this newsgroup, his mother, or
> the pope.****

Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the hypocrisy and evil on this

Sad that.


Rhino Ceros

Jan wrote:

> Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the hypocrisy and evil on
> this ng.
> Sad that.
> Jan

Doesn't take much to use Google to find a proof:

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Subject: Re: Mercury Toxicity
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Toxicity and Systemic Elimination Agents
The following paper has been a long time in the making. I first wrote it
three years ago and it was initially rejected by the Lancet and the British
Medical Journal but was published last month in the Journal of Nutritional
Environmental Medicine (March 2001).
The end of the article has the bibliography which took quite awhile to
and has 124 of the best literature documentation I could find on mercury
detoxification. For a practical summary of the paper and exactly what one
should do, please
review my mercury detoxification protocol. Dr. Klinghardt is widely
recognized as one of the most knowledgeable physicians
in mercury detoxification and it was a privilege to be able to help him with
this paper.