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Discussion in 'Triathlon' started by NBodem, Jul 19, 2004.

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    Congrats on your first triathlon! I myself completed only my second
    this past Saturday. I had the exact same experience during my first
    tri, I thought I was going to die in the water, literally. I was
    wearing a wetsuit that was customized for me (because I am short)had
    practiced in both the pool and open water with and without the
    wetsuit. The minute I put my head in the water, I was out of breath
    and could not catch it. My bouy was non existant and I thought I was
    going to drowned. I literally had to float on my back and take a few
    deep breaths before I could continue...It took me forever to complete
    the 1/2 mile distance but I finished and learned a great deal.

    I think you do need to practice in the open water as many have said
    but I do think that the anixiety you experienced was just not knowing
    what to expect, no one probably told you about the "blender" effect. I
    know no one told me.

    I have good news though, you can only improve from here, your first
    tri is over and you know where you need to improvement. I can
    guarantee your next one will be much better.

    I shaved 6 minutes off my swim time. (no wetsuit this time) I was much
    more confident and knew to stay on the far right which is the side I
    breath on and to the back of the pack...(I knew I would be slower and
    did not want to get swum over)

    Have you heard of total immersion? Check it out, I bought the book and
    DVD and it has helped me a great deal.