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    JMW wrote:

    > I can only give you my own parenting experience. Our oldest boy was
    > pretty small for his age, but he had a bit a mouth on him, so he got
    > picked on a lot in elementary school. He learned to keep his mouth
    > shut in junior high school, but by that time, he had become a target
    > for bullies. I spoke with the school administration, but nothing
    > happened; they were aware of the bullying, but they said they were
    > limited in what they could do.
    > Fortunately, our boy had been training in martial arts for a while and
    > was gaining some proficiency. He had never fought back before, but
    > one day, immediately after he got off the school bus, some of the
    > regular bullies prompted another kid to attack him, and our boy fought
    > back. He beat the other kid and the regular bullies were a bit
    > surprised. The bus driver saw the whole thing, and both boys were
    > suspended from school for a day.
    > I then wrote a letter to the administration, explaining that we
    > understood that fighting is universally unacceptable while children
    > are under the school's custody and control, and that our boy would
    > accept the punishment. I added, however, that if he was ever again
    > required to defend himself while under the school's custody and
    > control, we would appeal any sanction before the school board, and if
    > necessary, in the courts, and the sole basis of that appeal would be
    > the administration's inability to deal with a known problem which had
    > been brought to their attention repeatedly.
    > After that, the bullies knew that our boy would fight back if
    > attacked, and the school administration knew that we would defend his
    > actions. There were no further problems.

    I really like this answer. The older kids are proficient in karate and
    we are immersed in the dojo culture, so we could probably go this route.