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    >I have just (about) finished a year of triathlon training with a coach
    > that heavily advocates true periodic training (strength training in
    > winter, followed by base, followed by sport specific, followed by peak,
    > followed by rest and repeat).

    One of the problems is that the training phases are so different, and the
    strength wanes when you do base work, and your base endurance wanes when you
    speed work.

    As a runner and former swimmer, base work is key. But how you do it is
    quite important, as I'm discovering. Look up "Hadd training"

    I used just his base phase method and it worked well for me. The training
    felt easier and was more enjoyable, and the results were good. (major speed
    improvements at all heart rates -- without speedwork)

    Overdoing speed withers away base conditioning, and a 10k is an endurance
    race, as is a 40k bike ride. To peak out, I used to do 2x weekly speed
    sessions and a long run. After trying the Hadd stuff, I'm just going to do
    1/week speedwork, and one sub - LT run (80-82% max HR) as I peak for races.
    Easy runs are at 70-74% max hr.

    So I'd disagree with the easy/hard (on/off) only training plan. Suggest
    you move to easy/moderate for 8-10 weeks first, then introduce some hard
    stuff, but not too much, as the best way to prepare for a race.

    > I read recently that some running coaches actually dismiss the notion
    > of periodic training and instead adhere to a systematic consistant
    > incremental approach. (The 2-5% weekly increase in workload approach)

    This makes sense to me.

    -- Dan

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