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    >The Noble Lord, the Great and the Good, Baron Peter Parsnip of
    >Formaldehyde has said,
    >and I quote,
    >verbatim, so to speak, by word of mouth, as it were:
    >> Agreed. No one has done more for the cause of demonising the Freemasons than
    >> Mr Pinter. It is good to see that there is at least one body left that
    >> hasn't been touched by their pernicious influence.

    >However, he has also said:
    >> 3> Cost of Nobility: £150,000
    >> 4> Contact T. Blair of 10 Downing Street
    >> 5> for further details

    >which goes, of course, into the WAR-CHEST.
    >As His Excellency, Harold Pinter, Nobel Prize laureate, and thoroughly
    >cool dude, is anti-war, surely he ought to get a PEERAGE FREE OF
    >Of course, this goes against all that Tony Bliar has been taught to
    >believe in. However, the God who has been forced upon him - the Devil -
    >is fiendish. So it would be fiendishly ironic if His Excellency, Harold
    >Pinter, Ambassador for Peace, got the peerage WITHOUT financing the
    >further mutilation of children.
    >Charles Douglas Wehner


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