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    Playground Prozac

    Sometimes I feel I’d be better off just whapping myself upside the head with
    the daily newspaper, rather than reading it. I sure felt that way when I read a
    New York Times story about Babies on Drugs. These are not the infamous "crack
    babies," whose mothers took illegal crack cocaine while pregnant, passing the
    addiction to their children. Instead, these are mothers and fathers who even
    more deliberately drug their children, going to supposedly reputable doctors to
    get technically legal prescriptions for psychiatric drugs used for dosing their
    young ones. The Times reports that a new study has found that the use of
    antidepressants and stimulants such as Ritalin has increased dramatically in
    the past few years, not merely among hyperactive pre-teens and teens, but now
    among preschoolers. We’re talking about two-, three-, and four-year-olds.
    Babies! Prozac is also being prescribed to these tiny tykes!

    What kind of "doctors" are doing this? What about the "do no harm" dictum of
    the Hippocratic Oath? At this age, children’s brains are undergoing critical
    development, and almost nothing is known about the consequences of pouring
    psychiatric drugs into them. By the way, these drugs have not been approved by
    the Food and Drug Administration for treating pre-schoolers. Indeed, the
    package insert for Ritalin specifically warns against prescribing the drug to
    children under six. Plus, most of these children are not even sick – as the
    head of psychiatry at Harvard University put it: "The normal behavior of many
    two-year-olds and three-year-olds looks a lot like hyperactivity disorder."
    That’s right – normal children who are going through nothing more serious
    than the "terrible twos" are getting zonked with these powerhouse

    Where’s the federal "Drug War" when we really need it? They’ll throw you in
    jail for smoking a joint, but you can get Ritalin for a two-year-old from a
    doctor. What a horrible joke!