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    > Podiceps hey SM LOVER
    > This month, on the meeting of Sunday 28 March the Werfkelder organises
    > a workshop BDSM for beginners. Most likely it will take place before
    > the normal starting time. If desired the acquired skills can be brought
    > in practice during the ordinary meeting. On the programme in any case
    > "bondage" and "whips" stand. A vast notice follows in the regular
    > invitation for the meeting itself,but we request interested people to
    > send an email in advance. send mail to: [email protected]>
    > and of course the date to note:)
    > lapidose Liberace narcomatous

    BDSM - is that a new type of Unix?

    Do you ever get the feeling people point at you behind your back and utter
    in hushed tones .. "he's a spammer, you know ... one day when the
    revolution comes ..."