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  1. > My stress I suppose had been growing. In 1984 I had watched my
    > husband, my soul mate and father of our five children change into a
    > brutal, violent and angry alcoholic. In a period of two years this
    > man's personality had been totally altered. He had never been a
    > drinker before, but maybe because of his metabolism, the alcohol
    > consumed his every moment. I had to make a choice for my wellbeing and
    > the children's wellbeing to leave him.

    Gee, maybe he didn't want five children. Maybe he didn't want any. I think
    if I had to support five children that I didn't want, it would make me a
    drunk too.

    But of course, it was all his fault.


  2. Jeff S.

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    I just love these kind of false arguments against Prozac in this
    woman's story. Okay I guess I'll have to set the reconrd straight
    again. For one, depressed people tend to be suicidal. Sometimes the
    medication does not work well enough for them, they may have other
    issues or maybe the therapist who gave them the Prozac thought it was a
    cure-all and didn't bother with talk therapy as well, but the fact
    remains that depressed people, some of whom are on Prozac, occasionally
    kill themselves just like those who are not on it. It doesn't stand to
    reason that Prozac caused the suicide.

    If that were true then you could say that eating olives is deadly
    because everyone who ate an olive in 1789 is now dead. Get my drift?
    Let's have a look at the numbers, if you can find them, stating that
    there is a higher occurrence of suicide amongst users of Prozac which
    *takes into account* beforehand the 14% chance that all of them,
    assuming they are taking it for depression, are already going to kill
    themselves. Yes, 14% of all those afflicted with depression kill
    themselves. Unless yu can show specifically that those on Prozac have a
    higher than 14% chance of killing themselves then none of what this
    lady has said holds water. Let's apply some imperical thinking here
    people, it's what has made western society the success it is. Meanwhile
    the rest of the world is still going around thinking powdered rhino
    horn is an aphrodesiac and that raping an infant will cure you of AIDS
    (that one's from south Africa and practiced by blacks there, not the
    whites who ae smart enough to know it just don't work that way. I am
    not joking about this and it is well documented), and Prozac is to
    blame in every case of suicide of those who are on it and kill
    themselves. And they say the dark ages ended hundreds of years ago.

    Maybe her daughter had been extremely depressed before she killed
    herself and it had noting to do with the Prozac. Adolescents are known
    for not expressing the fact they are depressed and in fact will go to
    great lengths to cover it up because their lives are about fitting in
    with the peer group, all of whom have been fooled into thinking that
    being anything less than happy all the time is a sin. Why was she
    taking the Prozac illicitly? Um, do you think it was because she weas
    depressed already and seeking some relief? Gee, maybe. If her daughter
    was taking Prozac for just the last few days before she killed herself
    then there is scant chance at all it was having any effect on her:
    Prozac's efficacy doesn't kick in for a whole two weeks. Du-uh!

    But hey, don't let reason get in the way because we of course all
    know that all pharaceautical companies and doctors have no dea what
    they're doing and are all part of the same evil cabal of western
    medicine that has been conspiring for years to kill us, right? That's
    why, since the real application of science to the art of medicine, life
    spans in the industrialized (i.e. where white people live) world have
    soared from 50 years to 76 years on average in the last 40 years. Oh,
    but that is a complete coincidence I am sure. Lady, take your lame
    pitch for money and sell it somewhere else. You may as well say
    vacuuming your carpet caused your kid to kill herself because it makes
    as much sense.

  3. Luthien

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    Jeff S. wrote:
    > That's
    > why, since the real application of science to the art of medicine, life
    > spans in the industrialized (i.e. where white people live) world have
    > soared from 50 years to 76 years on average in the last 40 years.
    > J

    Um are you trying to tell us that the avg life expectancy in 1963 was
    only 50 years old?

    Could you cite any information to support this?