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  1. oh tim shut up! i'm in the final stages of completing a book based on
    twittering's works. i am claiming them as my own. there's money in
    cutting and pasting and that's what i've been doing for months now.

    so not disrupt my content steam. thank you.

    ps. twittering? fyi, i've copywritten all the of the content with the
    U S Library of Congress so i thank you!

    now all i have to do is find a dopey publisher to buy this pile of
    random crap.

  2. Rew,
    Go find your Mum!

    Lance is mean.
  3. Tim Downie

    Tim Downie Guest

    Twittering One wrote:
    > Rew,

    Sorry, lost me. Translate please?

    > Go find your Mum!

    Nope, still not making sense.

    > Lance is mean.

    Lance is having a bit of fun, admittedly at your expense but perfectly

    Can I suggest that alt.poetry and alt.adjective.noun.verb.verb.verb would be
    better homes for your output?

  4. Tim,

    I never knew that poetry and art had no place in 'running'.

    What a concept!

    .... I suppose that it's time to trash my copy of 'Chariots of Fire'

  5. ya think i'm kidding? go over to amazon and you'll see 5-6 books on
    running and simple whimsical reflections, passages, etc. and so forth.

    in america you can package and market just about anything. ever heard
    of 'pet rocks'? ever seen the crap that passes as 'art'? you can take
    a clothes hanger, bend it, paint it a black and glue it to a white
    canvas and call it 'art'. after all, it depicts how the black man has
    been manipulated and yes "hung", in white america. it's not the
    object, it's the story behind the object. the tail wags the dog.

    i've cut and pasted all the poetic crap on rec.running and intend on
    shopping the book to publishers later this spring. the book is titled,
    "running at the mouth" - a poem for every day you run.

    can't wait for the royalties to come in :) thanks!
  6. ps. don't try and rip off my clothes hanger art 'installation'. i've
    copywitten it too and it's for sale for $385,000.
  7. Chuck's an art historian.
  8. He gave me his dad's book!
  9. On 28 Mar 2005 10:26:30 -0800, "Twittering One"
    <[email protected]> wrote:

    >He gave me his dad's book!

    He used to run a little bit. I know his background. He used to hate
    the name Chuck, then he had a kid and called him Chuck.

    What was the occasion for Chuck to give you his dad's book?